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Barbie 12 Dancing Princesses – PC


Join Barbie as Princess Genevieve in an enchanted adventure through a magical world. Barbie as Princess Genevieve and her 11 sisters flee to a fantastic, magical world to escape the evil Duchess Rowena.

Product Features

  • 16 Exciting game levels and four unlockable mini games
  • Use special skills and gifts from each sister to overcome obstacles and save the king from the poison potion
  • Explore the castle and royal grounds including the Throne Room, Golden Pavillion, Towers and Secret Stairways

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Barbie Princess and the Pauper – PC/Mac


Barbie: Princess & The Pauper is a great action-filled adventure with Erika and Princess Annaliese! They’ll work together to stop a villain before he can cause chaos to the Princess’ land.

Product Features

  • Discover the village, forest and castle as you journey through the royal kingdom!
  • Play fun games and solve puzzles! Gather apples in the orchard, spin wool for fabric, and more!
  • Play 5 creative activities as you help Erika™ become queen!
  • Decorate the castle for the ceremony! Add stained glass windows and banners for the perfect touch!
  • Collect flags, flowers and more to unlock special surprises!

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Barbie Life


Product Features

  • EASY TO USE: The navigation bar makes it easier than ever to explore great content! Check back often for updates!
  • BARBIE LIFE IN THE DREAMHOUSE: Ever wondered what a Schlond Poofa is? Check out the video that started it all!
  • MOVIES: Connect to BarbieTM movies and meet our characters!
  • WALLPAPERS: Download Barbie wallpapers for your tablet or smartphone.
  • CONNECT: Visit and keep up with all the latest from Barbie!

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Barbie: All Dolled Up: Celebrating 50 Years of Barbie


Barbie™ All Dolled Up is a dazzling celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of Barbie™ doll. Fully illustrated and featuring three-dimensional replicas of rare memorabilia, this unprecedented book truly brings Barbie to life in full-color, and fabulous style. With the full support of Mattel, the publication of All Dolled Up is a highlight among nationwide Barbie events and marketing initiatives being staged for the anniversary.

In five decades, the influence of Barbie on girls and the world of fashion has never faded. Now devoted collectors, baby boomers reminiscing about the doll’s classic beauty, moms still dreaming of the pink Corvette of the ’80s, and children just discovering her will relive the magic of Barbie through key eras in her development—her debut in 1959, the Mod Era of the late ’60s, the big, bold ’80s, the Totally Hair ’90s, and up to today. Original doll packaging, Barbie comic books, designer’s sketches, and an official fan club membership card and welcome letter are among the rare Barbie ephemera that have been reproduced. The narrative combines historical detail with contributions from moms, daughters, and fashion celebrities including Diane Von Furstenburg, Christian Dior, Versace, Armani, Bob Mackie, and Vera Wang. It’s Barbie doll’s birthday and no one wants to be left out of the party!

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Barbie Fishing Game



Product Features

  • Easy Fishing Gameplay
  • Sturdy box for easy storage
  • Barbie theme
  • Fun for the whole family
  • Enjoyable game play from Cardinal Games

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Product Features

  • Wallpapers option with all the pictures
  • best pictures
  • 3,4 and 5 different puzzle to play

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Barbie of Swan Lake – PC/Mac


Create 5 magical wands and return the magic to the forest by adding flowers, sparkles, rainbows, and pixie dust.

Product Features

  • Young girls will have a great time searching for hidden items in the forests — while painting murals, creating musical flowers and more
  • Travel to beautiful locations — visit Swan Lake, the Flower Fields and even the Fairy Village
  • Create five magical wands and enchant each area of the forest – add flowers, ladybugs, and even catch fireflies
  • Multiple games and activities that girls will enjoy — they can even design lovely paintings and print them out as keepsakes

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Office Tailor Boutique Free


Product Features

  • Your personal designer simulator to create unique clothes;
  • Lots of cloths parts are available to change and color;
  • Various haircuts and accessories to create a great style for the client;
  • Helps to develop your natural talents in clothes design and fashion styling!

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My Newborn Kitty – Fluffy Care


Product Features

  • Over 8 interactive mommy cat and baby kitten activities!
  • Give Mommy Cat an ultrasound, decorate the nursery and more!
  • Dress up your baby kitten in tons of adorable outfits!

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Barbie Riding Club – PC


ages 5 and up, 1998Join Barbie at the stables, where you’ll choose and name your very own horse. You’ll feed, groom, and saddle up your horse and take to the trails. Ride and jump your way through the hills with two different views: third- and first-person. Play games, find clues, and race against Christie and Teresa while discovering the secrets to the Barbie Riding Club.

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